We are a tank truck manufacturing company complying with national and international standards and with excellent service to our customers, our continuous process makes us guarantee the best time, lowest cost and maximum quality.

International EPIZEN SA de CV and its brand TRUXTON, belong to the HNT group, a 100% Mexican capital group founded in Cadereyta NL in 2006 for the specialized maintenance of Oil and Petrochemical Refineries, in parallel in 2015 they founded the Plant “Tapas y Recipientes” plant that in 2019 became TRUXTON for the manufacture of all types of tank trucks for any service, any capacity, any configuration and any material.

Automation is the key

We have automated and robotic facilities with the most advanced technology in the world, trained and certified personnel in welding processes and technologies associated with our products.

Our human capital supports us

We have more than 500 employees nationwide. Whether supervising works, monitoring processes or operating our machines, you can be sure that we have the most qualified personnel.

Human value

experience does matter

All our designs are based on complying with DOT and SCT regulations, optimizing and meeting the requirements of our clients in a focus on safety and operational flexibility.

Processes Followed

The engineering department works in an organized manner through software, which allows us to carry out assemblies and sub-assemblies, obtaining in detail the installation and visualization of each of the pieces.

advanced equipment

We have the best technology in Latin America to provide the best tank truck.

custom design

Adapted to the needs of each client


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