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We are a manufacturer of tank trucks for fuel transport with the highest certified quality, complying with national and international standards and with excellent service to our customers.


The Truxton logo is undoubtedly a guarantee of quality. Every time a team of our brand rolls on the roads of America, it is accompanied by international support.

Luxury and attention to detail are no longer exclusive to super luxury cars

En Truxton aprendimos que la mejor forma de agradecer la preferencia de nuestros clientes es entregar equipos con calidad internacional, con atención al detalle y manufacturados bajo estrictos estándares internacionales.

Nuestro éxito no es una coincidencia, es el resultado de nuestro esfuerzo diario.

Ing. Gustavo Treto

Tank trucks and equipment for transporting fuels with the highest certified quality.

All our equipment is manufactured under international standards and certifications that guarantee the best performance in the most adverse conditions. A TRUXTON tank truck is a guarantee of quality.

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top engineering

All our equipment has world-class technology and international certifications. The hours of engineering applied to each piece of equipment guarantee perfect operation even in the most severe conditions, guaranteeing safety and reliability.

From the design table to reality

At Truxton we use the best engineering and design programs to carry out tests of all kinds. These simulations allow us to visualize in real time how our equipment behaves in different situations.


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